Why Work with Attorney Matthew Hart?

Meeting with an attorney can be intimidating. We work hard to make our clients feel comfortable about the process. For Estate Planning clients (clients who do not yet have a will or trust) we offer an initial estate planning strategy session at no charge. For probate clients we also offer an initial consultation at no charge. For Trust Administration clients (clients who already have a trust in place) we charge an hourly rate to review the trust, make changes to the trust, or help the trustee to administer the trust.

Trying to do your own estate planning can be extremely complicated and the simplest decision such as whether or not to require a bond of the trustee can have severe financial impact on your estate after you are gone. Most people think that they see an attorney to have a trust created, however they do not realize that creating the trust is one of many reasons they are hiring an attorney. The main reason you should hire an attorney is to benefit from their years of experience in helping families pass on their assets.

After drafting hundreds of trust and then helping the loved ones after the client has died, gives invaluable insight as to what works and what does not work. Moreover, one of the main benefits of having a trust is to avoid court, but if the trust is not drafted correctly the chances of your loved ones ending up in court can increase dramatically. When we meet with our clients we are actively listening for situations that create litigation during the trust administration such as a will contest or a trust contest.

We then advise our clients on how to best avoid those situations while achieving the end results they desire. This all culminates in the drafting of the estate planning documents which are drafted to cater to the needs of the individual client.

Finding an attorney who you can work with and interact with is very important. Here are some video’s of how I interact with different professionals which is exactly how I interact with my clients.