wills-and-trustImagine a hard-working man who is driven to provide a comfortable life for his family. He is always early to work and late to leave, and his boss appreciates his dedication. Despite this devotion to work, he finds ample evening and weekend time to be the engaged, loving husband and father his family deserves. Now picture this same man, who has spent his days doing everything right, ending up the victim of an unforeseeable accident. His life is on the line, and the possibility of death looms near. His family is distraught as their future becomes fuzzy, their finances become stressed, and legal intricacies make his medical care sluggish. He dies – way too soon, at the prime of his life, and long before the kids have graduated high school, gone to college, and started families of their own. The retirement dreams he shared with his wife have vanished, and the remaining years of her life immediately become clouded with questions, doubt, and fear. Without a will in place, this tragedy only worsens. His wife discovers how little control she has over the distribution of her late husband’s assets. According to the law, she cannot allocate these assets according to what she believes would be his final wishes. Some of the assets that would be used to provide for her and their children are instead locked in bank accounts, to be used only for specific purposes. This husband, who seemed to be doing everything right, simply overlooked the importance of planning for the unthinkable. Had they taken the time to put wills in place, this legal and financial disaster could have been entirely avoided. I have met countless people in comparable situations, and worked closely with widows who, despite their grief, are now burdened with making difficult estate planning decisions alone. As a California State Bar Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law, I have dedicated my career to helping people avoid these undesirable situations. No matter your age, marital status, or estate size, we can design an appropriate solution for you. Call today for your free Estate Planning Strategy Session.