Business Formation

Business-Formation-AttorneyStarting a business can be the beginning of the American dream. However, people who don’t plan properly soon learn that the American dream can become the American nightmare.

Choosing a form of business can be one of the most important decisions you can make.  Having a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, sub-chapter S corporation can have a large impact on your business and family. From the way you file your taxes to protecting your assets from unscrupulous customers who slip and fall or employees who sue over a myriad of issues your form of business dictates your rights and liabilities.

At our firm we discuss the different options and work with your CPA to determine the best form of business that provides the most flexibility while giving you the most protection possible from law suits. Moreover, legal documents such as buy-sell agreements can keep the business from being torn apart by changes in your life as well as your partner’s life.

Additionally, buy-sell agreements can make sure you loved ones are fairly compensated for your ownership in the business if you pass on before you have liquidated your interest. Protect your business and your family by calling our firm today to discuss the options.