When Would I Need a Durable Power of Attorney?

When people typically think of Estate Planning, they think of death, taxes and other inevitable situations.  Surprisingly, they rarely consider what would happen if they lost capacity.  Imagine a husband and wife who own a house and have 2.5 children.  In this scenario, both the husband and wife signed on the dotted line for the loan to buy the house.  Life seems to be chugging along perfectly, when the husband … [Read more...]

Why do I need Estate Planning?

Adults of all ages often ask me why they need to meet with an Estate Planning Attorney. The quick answer is simple: to prepare for those likely and inevitable phases in life when you cannot control your money or health decisions.  Often, the reality of this answer is dismissed because people are afraid to confront the hard truth that these phases could happen at any time in your life. The first phase is the loss of … [Read more...]